"Why this? Why now? Why me?”

These are some of the questions that may arise when viewing my artwork. It offers an intimate visual form of my struggles in my journey of self-discovery.

Through my art, I confront the fears that we, as human beings, often keep quiet about. I draw inspiration from biblical passages and sin, reimagining the lives and deaths of saints and non-saints alike. I intertwine grief and uncertainty, sublimating from lust to catharsis, and immersing myself in classic stories and characters. I also submit to the hard and critical reflection of self-portraiture. Thus, I adapt classic archetypes, genres, and styles to revisit and reinterpret themes that persist and remain contemporary.

I see light as an element that cannot be perceived in the absence of shadow and darkness, just as fear, anger, anxiety, and sadness cannot be understood without a glimmer of hope. I give expression to suffering, emptiness, loss, and abandonment, creating a space filled with loneliness where love, rebirth, and redemption are juxtaposed.

My art portrays the rawest and most authentic emotions of human reality, challenging our prejudices while appealing to our humanity.


Browse some of my featured fine art photography series; it gathers a selection of my works on topics such as faith, loss and hope. I invite you to look deeper into the symbolism of these images.



Adam & Eve

In this series I represent the principle of life and innocence, as... 

I Could Be Nothing

This autobiography represents a catharsis, a review of personal hells, an attempt... 


I am passionate about helping people create a portrait that defines a moment within their life. In each portrait session I try to draw out the unique quality of their essence and describe it eloquently in a manner that will live beyond their lifetime.

Your desire is my starting point. Share your inspiration; that could be an emotion, a subject, a colour or a theme, something that sparks a treasured memory.

For more information, types of packages that are available, or to discuss any of your specific requirements, please contact me for details.