How many times have we wondered if our life is tied to fate like the strings of a puppet? Does any supreme being have control over those threads and cut them randomly? Why do our threads wear out? How many times do we try to deny aging and death? How many times do we give up control of our threads to miracle products? How many of us consider surgical procedures trying to stop this process? Wouldn't it be wiser to take the reins of our threads and understand every day as a new opportunity as long as we enjoy the miracle of life?
“For behold your body —a painted puppet: a toy, jointed, sick and full of false imaginings. A shadow that shifts and fade.”

― Gautama Buddha

Concept & Photography: Carlos Henaine @chenaine
In frame: Carlos Henaine @chenaine
Costume & Makeup: Saúl Hernández @art._.diversity
Photo Assistant: Saúl Hernández @art._.diversity
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