This intricate photographic collection extends an invitation to explore the shadows of an alternative universe deeply rooted in the essence of “Alice in Wonderland.” However, it’s not the familiar tale of colors and fantasy. Instead, we appropriate Lewis Carroll’s narrative to delve into the hidden depths of human psychology, where Jung’s archetypes, values, virtues, and the seven deadly sins intertwine with the complexities of our perception of reality.

In this context, the iconic characters of the story are not mere figures but entities that personify profound aspects of the human psyche. Through these images, we invite you to question whether the act of thinking and perceiving reality is an inalienable right or an elusive privilege. We explore whether the archetypes that dwell within us can shape the way we interpret the world.

Tyranny, desire, perversion, and ego, latent shadows in the narrative of “Alice in Wonderland,” emerge here with disturbing intensity. Through visual metaphors, we forge a tunnel that leads to an abyss of self-knowledge. Each image represents a season in the journey, both that of Alice and our own journeys, where, as in life itself, experiences mold our souls, whether for our delight or torment.

This collection challenges the notion of the tyranny of beauty and beauty as a tyrant, questioning the rigid paradigms that dictate who we should be versus who we desire to be. It poses a compelling question: How does our self-perception relate to the image reflected back to us by the mirror?

The philosophical figures, resembling shadows in this enigmatic world, provoke us to reflect on self-perception. Who are we truly in this underground universe? How do the other characters inhabiting this realm perceive us? Each piece serves as an entry into introspection, urging the viewer to immerse themselves into their most intimate depths.

The characters that inhabit these pieces observe, judge, intimidate, and subdue us. The journey prompts captivating questions: “What secrets do these characters hold? What is the purpose of their existence in this hidden world? What do they see in us as they watch? What does this journey reveal about ourselves? What is our essence?”